Advice and answers from the Labor Sync Team

Do I need to sign up to use Labor Sync?
Yes. In order for us to know which devices are yours, you must first sign up and register with us. Signing up is easy and free for the first 14 days. For help creating an account, see "Creating an Account".

Is the free trial a limited or restricted version of the system?
No, you get complete use of the Labor Sync system free of charge for the initial 14 days. After the trial period you can continue your account for only $10 a month per employee, with a minimum of one employee per month.

How does billing per employee work?
Labor Sync charges you by the number of employees whose time was tracked during a billing cycle, not by the number of employees you have within the system. If you do not track an employee during a billing cycle, the bill will automatically be reduced. Note that there is a minimum of one employee per month for subscribed accounts in order to maintain your data.

Do I have to archive or delete an employee to stop tracking their time?
No, tracking an employee's time stops the moment they clock out. If an employee does not clock in during a billing cycle, you will not be charged for that employee. Archiving or deleting the employee will prevent them from Clocking In and being tracked, but this measure is not necessary. Note that there is a minimum of one employee per month for subscribed accounts in order to maintain your data.

Will my data be safe?
Labor Sync has implemented security safeguards and backup procedures to protect your data. We use SSL to encrypt your data and provide our service on a redundant cloud cluster.

Where do I get the App?
App downloads for Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows are available for download free of charge.

How do I manage my subscription?
Billing information is required to continue using Labor Sync after the 14 day trial. A user can login to the website and easily update billing information or cancel at anytime. This can be found by navigating to account management located on the top right of the navigation menu. When in account management, use the billing tab to update information using the Save Billing Information button or cancel using Cancel This Account.

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