An individual who's time and location is tracked

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An employee uses a device to create an entry. Time an location of an employee can be reviewed by users of the same account.

  • First Name and Last Name are not unique and are used to refer to a person within the Labor Sync system.

  • Email and Phone are optional information. These fields are strictly informational and do not affect the functions or performance of the system.

  • Employee PIN is a six digit number unique to each employee which is used to log in on a mobile device. You may generate a new, unique PIN by pressing Generate PIN, or you may enter a PIN of your choosing.

  • Time Zone should reflect the time zone where the employee is operating.

  • Automatic Clock Out allows a personal automated clock out setting for each employee. This option must be enabled under account settings, see "Automatic Clock-Out".

  • Employee Notes provides an optional field for entering any additional information.

  • Permissions can be granted to each employee to allow additional actions on a device. Employees can be granted the permission to add jobs to your account using a device. An employee may also be granted permission to perform entries for a crew of other employees. The employees for which entries can be made are managed by clicking the Select Employee's Crew button that appears when the option is selected, then checking off employees.

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