A smartphone, tablet, or computer used to perform entires using an app

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Devices must first install the appropriate Labor Sync app. Devices are attached to an account when activated by a user. Active employees use devices to create entries in order to track time for specific jobs.

  • Device Name is what is displayed in the Devices list.

  • Device Reference is an optional field for an additional name or number.

  • Automatic Clock-Out allows device specific automated clock out of employees. This option must be enabled under account settings, see "Automatic Clock-Out".

  • Device Notes provides an optional field for entering any additional information.

  • Automatic Employee PIN configures a device to automatically enter an employee's PIN when Labor Sync is run.

  • PIN Lock limits a device to be used by only one employee. When this setting is enabled, the only employee who can use the Labor Sync software on this device is the employee selected for Automatic Employee PIN.

  • PING will track the device continuously throughout the day as long as an employee is clocked in on that device. If no employees are clocked in on the device, location recording is disabled until an employee clocks in again.

  • Do not record location will skip recording a location when performing entries on the device.

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