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Troubleshoot Location Services
Troubleshoot Location Services
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There are several factors that may contribute to GPS issues. First, make sure the GPS is enabled and that permission to use it is explicitly granted to the Labor Sync app.

Android Devices

In the Settings menu, check that Location is turned on with the Mode turned to "High Accuracy". If the menu also has other checkboxes, like "Enable Cellular Usage", "Enable GPS Satellite", and "Enable Wi-Fi & Mobile network location" then make sure all the boxes are checked.

A device will experience the full GPS Maximum Wait time if the GPS is disabled (a penalty to discourage your employees from disabling GPS on their phone) or if the phone is unable to acquire any GPS location due to poor signal.

Full Android details for this can be found on Google's help page

Apple iOS devices

In Settings under the Privacy menu, click Location Services and make sure that Location Services and the Labor Sync app are enabled. Full iOS details for this can be on Apple's support page.

If Problems Persist

The device may show that it is connected to Wi-Fi, but might not have access to the internet if automatically connecting to a public wireless network (like xfinitywifi or optimumwifi, or a default named router like "linksys"). If GPS location information is currently unavailable, a device may use Wi-Fi as a fallback. Wi-Fi for Location Services may be less accurate and a cached location may be used (a previous location where a person was connected to on Wi-Fi).

Disabling Wi-Fi on your device forces the device to use Cellular and GPS for Location, which are more accurate. 

To disable Wi-Fi on Android and iOS

In the Settings menu, click Wi-Fi and turn it off.

Some lower-end models may experience a delayed response due to their GPS chip. To keep the cost of the phone lower, some companies use less expensive parts that run slower than most mainstream phones.

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