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Exporting Time Data to QuickBooks
Exporting Time Data to QuickBooks
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  1. Navigate to a report with time data you would like to export. For help building reports, see Custom Reports.

  2. Once your report is ready, click on Export to QuickBooks near the reports options.

  3. Prepare your report for export. 

  • Time data may be altered before exporting. Clicking on the pencil allows you to edit an entry for exporting. Clicking on the Red 'X' will exclude the entry altogether.

  • Time data being is exported for an employee as a duration. Durations may be changed before exporting, and entire entries even excluded from the export if desired.

  • Payroll Wage Items are optional unless an employee uses time data for paychecks.

  • Customers and Service Items are optional unless the time being exported is marked billable.

  • While jobs are linked to customers and Payroll Wage items linked to employees, these may be changed for each entry before exporting.

  • No changes on this screen are saved within Labor Sync, they are only exported to QuickBooks.

Once the Export report reflects what you would like exported, click Export to QuickBooks at the bottom of the page. Items to be exported can be viewed in the Queued Changes section and removed prior to synchronization. To complete the export, you must synchronize using the QuickBooks Web Connector.

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