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Labor Sync messaging allows you to notify employees of meetings, schedule changes, or any other information, regardless of what device they use. This messaging does not use your carriers SMS messaging system. To access the messaging feature, click on the Messaging tab at the top of the screen. Users must have messaging permissions to use this feature.

Sending Messages

To send a message, open the messaging page and click Create a Message.

  • You can select which employees will receive the message by checking or unchecking them in the list. You can search employees by typing their name in the filter box to select them. Deleted and Archived employees are not displayed in this list. Each recipient will receive a separate message.

  • The message you type will be displayed on the recipient's device the next time they perform an action. When the employee views the message and performs an action, the time and location is recorded.

  • A phone number, email address, website address, or location can be attached to the message, allowing the employee to call the number, email the person, or view and navigate to the location on a map from the message screen itself.

View Sent Messages

To view your sent messages, open the messaging page and click on any message. The message will be displayed, along with any attachment to the message. If the message was read, you can see when it was received by the employee.

Deleting Messages

To delete a message, click the Delete button under the Action field in the message list. Once a message is deleted, it will no longer be displayed to the employee. Only unread messages can be deleted.

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