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Device Settings
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You can remotely configure Labor Sync settings for devices attached to your account under your Account Settings. In order to change these settings, a user must have permission to change account settings. To view or change your account settings, click on account next to your name at the top of the page. These settings affect all devices attached to your account.

  • PIN Idle Timeout is the amount of time, in seconds, a device will wait for input after an employee has entered a PIN before asking for a PIN again.

  • GPS minimum accuracy in yards determines the precision with which Labor Sync will report GPS coordinates. The smaller the number, the more precise the GPS coordinates will be, but the longer it will take to pin point the device using GPS. Decreasing this number will increase GPS accuracy but potentially increase the amount of time GPS takes to locate the device. Minimum accuracy cannot be set below 10 yards.

  • GPS maximum wait in seconds determines how long the Labor Sync app will wait for GPS to locate the device. Decreasing this number will potentially decrease GPS accuracy but decrease the amount of time GPS takes to locate the device. Maximum wait time cannot be set below 20 seconds.

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