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Modify Entries
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Entries may be modified, changing the recorded date and time or the job to which the time is applied. Entries which are not followed by another entry cannot be modified, and you cannot change an entry to have occurred before a prior entry or after a subsequent entry. In order to modify an entry, a user must have permission to make an adjustment. To adjust the calculated total time of an entry, see "Manage Adjustments".

Making an Modification

While viewing a detailed report, you can open the modification page by clicking on the Date, Time, or Job fields of an entry. Make the desired changes and click Submit.

  • Date is entered in MM/DD/YYYY format, Time is in 12 or 24 hour format. Date and time may not be before a prior entry or after a subsequent entry.

  • You may change the time zone of an entry as long as it does not cause it to occur before a prior entry or after a subsequent entry.

  • The notes field allows you to change any note left by an employee.

  • You must enter a reason for change.

Modification History

While viewing the entry in the modification page, you can view the history of the entry by clicking on Modification History at the top. This will provide you with a list of all the changes which have been made to the entry, including prior and reverted changes. To return to the entry modification page, click Return to Entry at the top of the page.

Reverting a Modification

Under the Modification History, you may revert an entry to a prior state by clicking the Revert button under the Action field. Reverting to an entry to a previous state will not remove the current state from the history.

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