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Custom Reports
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With custom reports, you can filter by date, employee, or job to show you exactly what you want to see. To begin, just log in to Labor Sync, open a report, and click Customize Report.

Report Criteria

Reports are built based on the Employees, Jobs, and Dates you select. The following is a breakdown of each.

Date Ranges

The date range you select may be Dynamic or Static. Dynamic dates are always relative to today, so "Last Month" will show you "January" if it is currently February, but "February" if it is currently March. Static dates will always show the same days, regardless of when the report is viewed.


You can limit which employees are displayed in the report by checking or unchecking them in the list. You can search employees by typing their name in the filter box to select them. Deleted and Archived employees are not displayed in this list.


Reports will include any jobs you select. Selecting "No Job" will show any entry which was performed without a job. You must select at least one job or no entries will be found based on your criteria. You can filter the jobs by typing in the box as you would for employees.

Types of Reports

There are four types of reports which present you with different information in varied formats. Select the type which suits your report.

Employee Summary

Employee Summary shows the total time an employee worked and any adjustments that were made to the total time over the date range.

Employee Jobs

The Employee Jobs report shows the total time your employees worked for each job for the selected date range.


Timesheet reports show you the first activity and the last activity for each employee during a selected date range. Provided information is the activity type, time, and date for each, and the total time on the clock, including any adjustments. Clicking on an activity will provide you with more detailed information.


Week reports show you how many hours each employee worked during the selected week, broken down by day. For each employee you can see the total hours worked during the week, and any adjustments that may have been made to the total. Clicking on an employee's hours will provide you with a more detailed list of that employee's activities for the day.


This type of report provides all of the information for every entry based upon your selection criteria. Detailed reports are displayed when you click on a row in another report type to see more information. Clicking on an address will bring up an interactive map pinpointing the location of that entry.

Detailed reports can be shown with any notes in-line, below the entry. This setting applies to reports viewed within the web application as well as exported PDF and Excel documents.


Grouping lets you separate entries based on specific attributes. This does not limit the amount of information displayed in the report, only separates it into sections.

Splitting Travel and Job Time

The Show drop-down under Report Options allows you to filter employee activity, showing only travel time, or only job time. You may optionally show both activities, but display them separately in the report.

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