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Introduction to Reports
Introduction to Reports
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Employee's time and location are viewed using Labor Sync Reports. Throughout the work day, employees use devices to update the Labor Sync system with their current activity. This article will introduce you to Labor Sync's powerful and customizable reports.

Viewing Reports

To view reports, log in to the Labor Sync website and click on the Reports Tab near the top left of the page. To view Daily or Weekly Reports, select one from the corresponding drop down menus. The date range of your selection will be displayed above your report for reference. If you choose to group by job, individual jobs will be broken into sections containing reports for the selected time frame.

Daily Reports

Daily Timesheets are a quick snapshot of your employee's activity for a selected day. For each person a First and Last activity are shown, displaying the Activity Type, Time, and Address for both, along with a Total Time and any Adjustments to the Total Time. Clicking on an activity will provide you with more detailed information.

Weekly Reports

Weekly Hours show you how many hours each employee worked during the selected week, broken down by day. For each employee you can see the total hours worked during the week, and any adjustments that may have been made to the total. Clicking on an employee's hours will provide you with a more detailed list of that employee's activities for the day.

Custom Reports

You can easily tailor reports to show only the information you need to see. Simply click on the Customize Reports tab at the top right of the report controls to customize the report you're currently viewing or generate a completely new report.
For more information, see "Custom Reports".

Saved Reports

Important or frequently viewed reports can be saved for viewing later very easily. You can save a report for viewing later, and you can also set a report to automatically open when you log into Labor Sync.

Saving a Report

While viewing a report, click the Save Report as... button, enter a name, and then click Save Report.

View a Saved Report

Saved Reports can be viewed by clicking on the Saved Reports tab and then clicking on the report icon under the Actions column of a report. You can change the name of a report or delete it from this screen.

Default Report

To set a report to automatically open when you sign in, open the report and click Set as Default. Only one report can be your default report, and you can change to any other report in this way. If you load your default report and subsequently make changes to it, you must click Set as Default again to save your changes.

Dynamic Date Ranges

Dynamic reports, or reports which use relative date ranges such as "Today" or "Yesterday" will be living reports, always showing "Today's" or "Yesterday's" reports, even as time passes by. Alternatively, Static reports will always show the same dates, regardless of when it is opened.

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