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To begin using Labor Sync, you must register a device. An employee uses a device to create an entry, consisting of time, location, and optional job. A printable, graphic version of this guide can be downloaded in English and Spanish.

  1. Run the Labor Sync app on your device. App downloads for Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows are available for download free of charge.

  2. Log in to the Labor Sync website. If you don't have an account see "Creating an Account".

  3. Click on the Devices Tab near the top left of the page.

  4. Click the Add Device button.

  5. Enter the devices Activation Code. This alphanumeric code is displayed on the device when the Labor Sync app is run for the first time.

  6. Enter the Device's information.

  7. Click Activate Device.

  8. On your device, tap Activate.  A PIN entry screen will be displayed when the device is active and ready to be used by an employee.  If you have not yet added an employee, proceed to the next step

Next Step: "Adding an Employee"

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